Shopping Guide

Our Shopping Guide is designed to let you know what products will make your time in the kitchen as enjoyable and as easy as possible. We believe that you don’t need every gadget under the sun, so we’ve searched and sorted, always keeping quality and affordability in mind.

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More Tools and Gadgets

We give you here the odds and ends that make your kitchen complete.

Small Appliances

Appliances won’t make one a good cook, and they aren’t a necessity when it comes to putting a well-balanced meal on the table-that’s all you.


Cutlery is your best friend in the kitchen when it comes to preparing any meal big or small.


Buying sturdy pots and pans will be one of the biggest kitchen equipment investments you’ll make.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

Measuring is an essential part of cooking, especially when it comes to baking.

Spatulas, Turners and Tongs

Spatulas, turners, and tongs become an extension of your hand when you are cooking, so they should be as comfortable, balanced and efficient as possible.

Graters, Peelers and Openers

No matter how you grate, peel or open it, these are the best in the bunch.

Spoons and Ladles

You’ll reach for these spoons and ladle time and again when you’re cooking up anything from soups and stews to sauces and pastas.

Mixing Bowls, Strainers and Colanders

Essential equipment for any kitchen, these durable bowls, strainers and colander are not only versatile, but they share that priceless quality of smart, space-saving design.

Cutting Boards

Like anything, cutting boards are a personal choice, so we are offering you just that - a choice.